WCU Football Hall of Fame

When you make a contribution to the Killinger Football Foundation, you are entitled to submit a nominee (must have graduated from West Chester University at least 5 years prior to nomination) who you believe to be an outstanding candidate for the West Chester University Football Hall of Fame.

Nominations are tabulated annually each January. Between three (3) and five (5) individuals will be officially inducted into the WCU Football Hall of Fame at the Killinger Foundation's annual Football Hall of Fame banquet, held each April.

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Founded in 1979, the Killinger Foundation Football Hall of Fame is designed to honor the efforts and achievements of distinguished alumni who have made exceptional contributions to the football program at WCU while reinforcing a sense of history and tradition.

Membership Criteria:

Membership of the Killinger Foundation Football Hall of Fame shall be limited to individuals who have distinguished themselves on the football field as players or coaches and who have continued to conduct themselves as exemplary citizens on and off the field.

Additionally: A student-athlete must have completed their playing eligibility period.

A period of no fewer than five (5) years must have elapsed since graduation or departure from the University. Nominees from previous years will automatically be considered by the committee for the current induction year. Membership of the Killinger Foundation Football Hall of Fame shall be open to those individuals who have distinguished themselves as supporters of the WCU football program or as former players/coaches who have distinguished themselves professionally post graduation.

Nomination Guidelines:

Nominations for entry into the Killinger Foundation Football Hall of Fame will be accepted from the following sources:
  • Past and present members of the WCU football program and friends of the program
  • Past and present WCU head/assistant football coaches
  • Members of the Golden Rams Club
  • Representatives of the local press
  • University officials (AD, SID, program statistician)

All nominations must be received by the first annual meeting of the Hall of Fame Committee in order to be considered for induction that same year (February 1).

Click here to print/download the Nomination Application Form or contact Mike Willard at (484) 645-1413 to have a form mailed to you >>

Application Procedure:

Once an individual has been nominated, the Screening Committee will verify the nomination according to the above criteria and utilizing football and SID records. Once verified, an official application form will be forwarded and shall be completed and returned to the Screening Committee by a pre-determined date.

Screening Committee:

The Screening Committee shall consist of Hall of Fame Committee members and selected executive board members. The specific task of the Screening Committee shall be to review all applications and nominations for specific criteria.

Selection Committee:

The Selection Committee shall consist of the Screening Committee and selected individuals independent of the Foundation but who hold close ties to the WCU football program. Appointment to this committee shall be made by the executive board of the Killinger Foundation. Possible membership may include but is not limited to the following:
  • University officials/administrators
  • SID (Sports Information Directors)
  • Present Hall of Fame members
  • Past and present assistant coaches

The specific task of the Selection Committee shall be to select a non-specific number of Hall of Fame candidates and Hall of Distinction candidates from the individuals presented to them by the Screening Committee for induction that year. Members of the Selection Committee shall serve for one (1) year and may be renewed annually.

Selection Procedure:

The Selection Committee shall be presented with a non-specific number of candidates for induction who have met the specific criteria as outlined above. Each candidate will be given a weighted vote (5, 4, 3, 2, and 1). The Hall of Fame Committee will then tally the votes and determine that year's inductees.  In order to be inducted, a nominee's name must appear on 75% of the ballots. A maximum of five (5) individuals shall be inducted each year—this will include both the Hall of Fame and the Hall of Distinction (there is no minimum).
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