Killinger Foundation to Induct Five into Football Hall of Fame - 2020

The W. Glenn Killinger Football Scholarship Foundation is pleased to announce the induction of four (4) former West Chester University football players into the W. Glenn Killinger Football Hall of Fame and one (1) individual into the Hall of Distinction:

Tom Coates (#50) - LB, Class of 1978
Joe Ellis (#66) - DE, Class of 1987
Graham Eggleston (#95) - DE, Class of 2004
Bill Zwaan, Jr. (#12) - QB, Class of 2009

The Hall of Distinction inductees are:
Mark and Julie Drochek

W. Glenn Killinger Football Scholarship Foundation

The Killinger Foundation was founded in 1979 by Walter Buechele, Jim Holt, Bill Iacone, Joe Iacone, Emil Messikomer, Jr. and John Slawek with a mission to contribute to the future success of the West Chester University football program.  For more than thirty years, the Killinger Foundation armed with volunteers raised funds which were given to the University and earmarked as financial aid in the form of scholarships for student athletes in the WCU football program.  

The Killinger Foundation is operated by the Board of Directors who are made up of a volunteer group of former football players, coaches, friends and alumni.  The Killinger Foundation Board of Directors hosts the Annual Homecoming Social before the homecoming football game and the WCU Football Hall of Fame. 

The Killinger Foundation is named after football and coaching legend, Dr. Glenn W. Killinger (1898-1988).  Read More >>

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